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Allo Motif is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Recife, Brazil. His name is inspired by all the reasons we have to live a less ordinary life and the many purposes we can embody while we constantly change and evolve. His music combines an intuitive songwriting style with elements of indie pop, trip hop and indietronic like synths, textures and layered vocals.

Like many of us, Allo Motif is a day dreamer. He has always loved making music but never took it as seriously as he is taking it now. The pandemic changed everything. Between lockdowns and social distancing periods, he embraced the "we only live once" attitude. He started to write and produce original songs from his bedroom, sharing home recorded demos with social media friends. Now he is releasing his first single!

His debut single is called Satellite. It compares a dysfunctional relationship with a satellite that orbits around a planet, speaking of the things we want the most and the fear we often have of getting hurt should we take the risks to conquer it.

Allo Motif is currently working on a follow-up single, to be released in July 2021, and other four tracks are expected to be released by the end of the year.

Allo Motif

Allo Motif